Each story, campaign and solution we develop starts with an expedition. With support from conservation organisations, grassroots projects and communities, we travel globally, to locations whereby our stories can have the biggest impact and which need the quickest action. 

Borneo June 2020

Borneo was once covered by extensive rainforest, these habitats are quickly disappearing. This expedition takes us to a grassroots project which approaches increasing biodiversity by regenerating the rainforest for wildlife.

Galapagos November 2021

Much of the Galapagos island landscapes have been damaged since Charles Darwin’s visits. This expedition takes us to a grassroots project which is tackling invasive fauna & flora that is devastating the islands native wildlife species.

Namibia TBC 2021

Our expedition to Namibia takes a two-pronged approach. We explore how R.E.S.T are working for protection and survival of the world’s most trafficked species, Pangolins & explore the work of Erindi to save the endangered Painted Dog.

To support our expedition goals, we offer a small number of photography volunteering and intern places. If you want to support our journey or to learn more about wildlife & conservation photography, why not join us on one of our quests.


Upon returning home from each expedition we embark on, we take a 3 core step approach to ensure our combined conservation impact and success. 


We believe that telling stories gives people the power to evoke change. Stories that start conversations, inspire people to fall in love with and ignite action to save wildlife & habitats.

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