Why Conservation Photography Volunteering?

Conservation photography volunteering plays a vital role in the success and long-term sustainability of wildlife, habitat and community conservation. Without volunteer support, both our work and our partners work would not have the manpower to conduct research, protect endangered species, map habitats and educate local communities on how to look after their unique environments. All data, media and photos created by our volunteers is used by us for education, storytelling and campaigning and by our partners and local governments to help improve environmental policies and ensure the continued survival of the unique biodiversity found in each country. 

Every volunteer with us keeps 100% copyright ownership of their work and will be credited at all times. We’ll provide references and certificates of volunteering attendance to help build your profile for further projects.

Conservation photography volunteering is an incredible way to develop your skills as a photographer and diversify your portfolio whilst gaining an in-depth understanding into conservation, ecology and wildlife species as well as learning about the local culture and challenges facing humans and wildlife in expedition locations.

We encourage volunteers of all abilities, from beginners to advanced, to join us on our expeditions. You’ll be fully supported by our award winning photographers and will work to produce intriguing, emotional and informative images, enabling us and our partners to better convey their stories, thus improving the sustainability of the worldwide conservation.

Join #PANGOLIN, our passionate community driven by seeing wildlife, landscapes and communities thrive.


Upcoming Photography Volunteering Opportunities

We’ve partnered with Oyster Worldwide, a leading conservation travel specialist. Their team have a wealth of both ecological and travel experience and will be on hand to ensure your experience is second to none and financial protection is in place.

Initially, contact will be via our booking form on the website. We will then introduce you to the Oyster team, who will handle your booking, payments and travel arrangements.

Leading each of our carefully planned conservation photography volunteering opportunities will be an award winning photographer. They will be on hand to help on composition, lighting & equipment, as well as, ensuring you can learn skills and build your portfolio, whether you’re looking at conservation photography as a career or you just enjoy wildlife photography as a hobbist.

Although much of your time will spent assisting our creative team in the field to ensure we capture the right story, We will offer as much one-to-one tuition as possible. During the evenings, we will be more than happy to help you with post-processing your images too.

Take a look at upcoming conservation photography volunteering opportunities below.

Borneo June 2021

Help to promote the protection and survival of the endangered Borneo Forest and its wildlife, including the endangered orangutan, pygmy elephants, proboscis monkeys, macaques, gibbons, sun bears and hundreds of bird species.

Sorry – No Placements Available