Conservation Now is a purpose-driven not for profit organisation committed to seeing a future where wildlife species, communities and their shared habitats are protected, enhanced, and valued by and for everyone.

To support our expedition goals, we offer a small number of photography volunteering and intern places. If you want to support our journey or to learn more about wildlife & conservation photography, why not join us on one of our quests.


Our Story

Conservation Now was formed in response to a need for a sustainable creative voice for conservation and education, with the purpose of raising awareness of wildlife conservation issues and solutions through photography, videography, and storytelling. This includes exposing people to the beauty of our living landscapes and the wildlife species within them to provide a better understanding of why they are important and to evoke action to protect them.

Our name reflects our clear focus on conservation, The need for action NOW, The need to use our voice to address whatever the issues are NOW – issues that will change over time, That we will be here NOW – whether we are talking today or in the future – for as long as there are issues in conservation that need addressing.

To maximise our effectiveness, we realised the importance of welcoming leading people in their respective fields in creating independent advisory boards for each project we lead. The passionate expert people on our councils are helping us by providing advice and opportunities to promote and advance our mission and objectives.

Joins us on YouTube as we talk about wildlife and conservation, interviews, share tips and tutorials for photographers, and take you on behind the scenes.


Our Mission & Objectives

Our Mission is to educate, inspire and connect people to nature whilst collaborating with grassroots conservation projects to protect communities, wildlife and living landscapes.

Our Objectives are based on the founding principles of Conservation Now. These values will underpin our approach to working with everyone. Our vision is long term, and achieving it requires us to work within complex relationships involving educational institutes, local authorities, partner businesses, communities and the natural world.

1) To act as advocates for nature and communities and support them wherever possible.
2) To raise awareness about conservation, ecology and wildlife issues worldwide.
3) To be bold in our defence of living landscapes and natural history.
4) To be collaborative, seeking out partnerships to support our mission and take up opportunities to support grassroots conservation projects.
5) To strive to improve and invest in opportunities to enhance communities, education and living habitats.